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Looking Back: Clouds of Rubber

I was sifting through all of the 44,000 pictures I’ve taken since the end of 2008. I wish I still had the pictures I took before that, but they were lost years ago to hard drive failure. Food and drifting have been the main things that draw My lenses into action. The first sideways driving event I went to outside Minnesota, Drift Day 14(I think) in Joliet, Il, seems so long ago. So many good times spent around the midwest drift scene. Here’s a little blend of memories for all of You who are itching to get back out there this spring! These first 3 are courtesy of Opposition Keith at Kaizo Photo, from 2006-07. Leegro in the old ‘pink panther’ and Ryan Clemens in the last two incarnations of His s13. I just had to squeeze these in, since I did most My travelling with the TMFOpposition crew…

lee dd10 495

ryan dd9 209

ryan elko_oct07-208

The rest of these I took at various events around the midwest. Thanks to all the people from around the scene for letting Me share in on the fun! What a great way to learn how to use My camera and become a photographer.



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