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Drift Day 42 @ Shawano, WI

Ah,yes. Another journey to My favorite race track has occurred! I had never had a bad time at ‘UsaIR’. This time however, it was cold and perpetually raining. There was a lot of driving time for the 50+ entries. I’m sure they all saved some money on tires as well! For those of us standing out around the track, it was quite crappy. Just as the rain let up a bit, the wind kicked in. Drenched and wind-chilled, some of us tried to get some coverage of the action. Certainly the worst conditions that I have ever tried to ‘do photography’ in. I had to create a make-shift rain cover for My camera out of a trash bag and elected to use My old 450D, instead of risking the new 650D.. The majority of My shots came out terribly bad, like this. .. …

To Simba, Maggie and the rest of the Clubfr crew, as well as the drivers in attendance. Sorry, I didn’t get much worth looking at! It was just too bleak for Me! See You all in the spring!


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