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Meat on the Grill, Meat in a Cloud

Two Hours in Duluth

Two Hours in Duluth (1)

About a month ago, My brother asked Me if I would keep Him company on a drive up north. He was playing a set at Legacy Glass Works, located in Minnesota’s second lovely’est city. Duluth, 2 hours there, two hours of glass blowing and musical performances by Midway Felix and Kanser Troop and two hours back to Saint Paul..

Tying Knots

Feliks & Burd Get Married © Andor

Last week, My Brother married His girl-friend of 13 years. Contrary to what many thought would be a large wedding, it was a nice small gathering in Their living room. I guess it had to be, since they decided to make it happen less than a month before hand. It was a nice ceremony. Lots of smiling, laughing and general happiness was flowing through the place. Congratulations Brother and now, officially, Sister!

Feliks & Burd Get Married © Andor  (4)

There was one kind of odd moment, just after the deed was done, the pastor gathered everyone, hand on hand, into a huddle. He spoke a few words and proceeded to start singing a verse. Just as He drew in His breath to start, the music My brother was playing popped up, right on cue: “Where’s Your head at, at, at.” Basement Jaxx played quietly in the backround through the whole wedding, it was pretty funny. Actually, there were two other awkward moments… I hadn’t realized that I was to give a speach and failed to come up with something worth hearing on the spot. Sorry, I feel bad about it! Then there was this pre-wedding photo We did while waiting for people to arrive. I think it’s the best of the day though.

Feliks & Burd Get Married © Andor  (1)

It was a good Tuesday night party that ended up doubling as a photo shoot. There is something to be said for a simple wedding, with little or no money involved. I think this is the best kind of ceremony. It’s all about the people anyways, why bother making it about anything else?

Feliks & Burd Get Married © Andor  (7)

Feliks & Burd Get Married © Andor (10)

Hangin’ Out with My Brother

My Brother has taken up the challenge to make a monthly music video, to be released on Vimeo, YouTube and the like. Starting with some very basic ‘put a camera on a tripod and go’ type of approach. So, for His second installment, I did exactly that! I have never shot video with a dslr before, this was set it and forget it, all the way. We shall see where this video series leads. Hopefully, I’ll get to shoot several of them and gain some videography skills.For those interested, simply google ‘Felix 16:16’. His goal is to make a song, from beginning to end, drums to vocals, video and edit, all in one day. Meanwhile, I broke out the old XSi with the $100 Canon 50mm f1.8 lens and captured these, less the one taken with the T4i.. I do love taking pictures in low light without using a flash. This was really stretching the limits of the camera’s light intake capabilities.